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The area on which our clubhouse and golf course is built is closely connected with the early history of the colony, as the original Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson road, built in 1813 passed through the property. Long before this, the local Dharug Aboriginals used to sharpen their tools with rocks from Jamieson Creek which runs from Mitchells Pass through the front of the present Clubhouse.


Sir Francis Forbes, the first Chief Justice of Australia built a country retreat on his land grant and named it Edinglassie after one of his family estates in Scotland. Forbes Edinglassie estate was subsequently subdivided and Herman Hollier and Leo Buring later purchased major portions.

Herman Paul Leopold (Leo) Buring purchased 376 acres being most of the southern and western parts of the estate in 1914. By 1917 the Burings had built their large rambling home and named it Leonay, being the combinations of Leo and Nay the reported nickname of his wife Ida. By 1923 they had produced their first wines on the farm. They described their home as being so beautiful here with the Nepean River in front and the mountains at our back door, with an abundance of Emus and wallabies.


On his return from a world tour and only months before the commencement of WW11 Leo had recognised the potential for golf in the district and so in 1937 he commenced the design and construction of the Leonay Country Club. A weatherboard clad cottage on his property (opposite the present entrance driveway) became the Club House and it was Leos intention to expand the facilities to include tennis courts and a swimming pool. The 19 Hole golf course had bent greens, couch and clover fairways, with the nearby Nepean River supplying an abundance of water for every tee and green. The course had 19 holes with one marked 9A enabling players to return to the Club House after 9 holes, if not wishing to continue playing the full 18 holes. However, due to the war, the Club did not function and instead was used only for occasional charity and social days.

Just shy of 85 years of age, Leo died at his home Leonay on 29 September 1961. The vineyards were sold to Barnay Pty Ltd a consortium of local businessmen, though Ida continued to live on at the home. Our community has changed a little since then, but the river still flows and the mountains haven’t moved and fortunately we still have our beautiful golf course with the old grape terraces still evident on some of our fairways and the bellbirds still echo overhead.




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To maintain the high standards enjoyed in the Club, we ask our members and guests to be aware of our dress code when planning a visit to the Club. Appearance must be clean and tidy at all times. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron at their discretion.


Not permitted at any time:

  • Swimwear

  • Bare feet

  • Dirty work boots

  • Golf spikes

  • Dirty, soiled or torn clothing

  • Gang patches / colours or affiliated attire

  • Inappropriate clothing


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